1. Information sharing

Regular updates via emails, newsletter, phone call and word of mouth and other publicities including flyers to Forum members to keep updated with new changes and developments.

2. The IRMF Network meetings:

Forum members hold network meetings where local organisations exchange ideas, share common good working practices, and update each other with useful information. Also facilitates building confidence, identify need and address service gaps in service-provision by providing tailored support individual organisations and promote partnerships.

3. Capacity building

Inequalities in BAMER communities existed for long and refugee and migrant organisations can do very limited because they lack resources, capacities and specialist support. Therefore, it was necessary that that the IRMF to drive through structural capacity building support programme for its own as well as for member organisations.

Capacity building support varies and the main scheme are: (a) policies and procedures, (b) staff and volunteer developmental training, and (c) Fundraising.

3.1. Policies and working procedures

Overall, governance is key and forum members are encouraged and supported to put all necessary policies and procedures in place.

3.2. Staff and volunteer development

Both the networking and policies development has huge impact in both personal and organisational development. Ongoing staff and volunteers appropriate and relevant trainings in their field of work or project are very essential to the organisation’s development.

3.3. Fundraising

Raising resources is one of the core objectives of any not for Profit organisation to maintain and sustain organisational functionalities. The IRMF provide essential fundraising information and training as required to small organisations. Organisations are supported to develop project ideas and turn them into strong funding proposals, and submit funding application forms to potential funders.

4. Refugee Week

Refugee Week is annually celebrated, organised by the IRMF in partnership with the LB of Islington where many local RCOs, mainstream schools’ students, MPs, councillors including the Mayor and Leader of the Council usually attend which has been an instrumental platform in fostering community cohesion and strengthening integration.

5. Other Networking and Partnerships

The IRMF fulfils its mission and obligations by working closely with its stakeholders and partners non- forum members including the London Borough of Islington (LBI), Voluntary Action Islington (VAI), Healthwatch Islington (HWI), Islington Faith Forum (IFF), Islington Black Minority Ethnic Minority Advice Alliance (IBAA), Migrant Voice (MV), Refugee Council and London Mayor’s Migrant and Refugee Advisory Panel (MRAP), etc.

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