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IRMF received feedback from Forum members that RCOS and BAMER facing
challenges and solutions include that:

Challenges and issues accessing resources to deliver “employment support:”

• Small groups are delivering employability support to most vulnerable 'hard to reach' communities but are not being resourced, e.g., taking referrals from mainstream/larger organisations, having to challenge decisions such as
sanctions on people's behalf but are not being resourced for this work

• Larger mainstream organisations favoured and small groups are overlooked

• Funding pots inaccessible to small groups

• Small groups are not recognised or acknowledged for their impact and reach

• Small groups don't have capacity to demonstrate 'track record' of their impact and their reach.

• Small groups don't have capacity or resources to develop partnerships

• Information about opportunities not received by smaller groups

In addition to the above discussions, other issues that came up include:

• Small groups having to challenge unfair sanctioning on behalf of vulnerable people.

• Volunteering commitments such as volunteering in small groups not recognised by JCP coaches

• Where is One stop shop? – better use of space

Support needed to overcome these barriers:

• Capacity building, one-to-one for small BME and refugee organisations.

• Supporting partnerships e.g. support with facilitating partnerships, resources for good partnership-working like templates, a success criteria document, check lists, case studies, partnership networking events, support with practical steps

• Recognition and demonstrating track record – e.g. collating information that demonstrates what support small groups provides – (anecdotal evidence is not enough), making a stronger case that it is not about size of organisation
but reach, could be films/videos talking about services and impact, documents, campaign material, statutory services to provide more recognition and acknowledgement for small groups e.g. awards

• Accessing other sources of funding, resources and space such as Islington - Local Initiative Fund, Voluntary Action Islington-Website, Big Alliance - Support, Awards-For-All-Big-Lottery

• Better information sharing to include small groups, more networking, maybe a webpage

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