National Demonstration 12 September 2015, Refugees Welcome Here: Day of Action

1548, 10/09/2015

Refugees Welcome Here: Day of Action, National Demonstration

Date: 12 September 2015 at 12 Noon
Meeting point:  11.30 am – 11.45 am, Outside Sportsman Casino, Old Quebec Street (corner of Bryanston Street), London W1H 7AF
March from Marble Arch station to Downing Street.

Map of the route:

National Day of Action, Called by Stand up to Racism, BARAC, Stop the War Coalition, Migrant Rights Network  War on Want, Peoples Assembly Against Austerity, Unite Against Fascism, Movement Against Xenophobia, Love Music Hate Racism and Black Out London.

This Act is endorsed by Islington Refugee Forum

The pictures of the three-year-old Syrian Kurdish boy’s dead body washed up on a Turkish beach: comes as shocking pictures triggered fresh calls for action. This event has been called in response to various reports of refugees fleeing war, persecution, torture and poverty losing their lives or struggling to find a safe haven. This includes the death of 200 refugees off the coast of Libya, around 70 refugees in a truck in Austria and ongoing reports of refugees drowning crossing the Mediterranean, stranded in Hungary and prohibited from moving around the EU, and those in Calais struggling to find sanctuary.The refugee crisis is growing worse by the day across Europe as thousands flee war and chaos. Many have died in the most terrible circumstances, suffocating in lorries or drowning during dangerous crossings of the Mediterranean.

Please do everything you can to support this day of solidarity with.
If you want any help or further information, please contact the Stop the War national office: email: | Tel: 020 7561 4830

To accept more asylum seekers and increase support for refugee migrants in the UK, please sign the online petition:

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