SOAS University of London Sanctuary Scholarships

Last year, when the world was closing its borders and people were turning their backs on the displaced and dispossessed, the SOAS community took a stand to support displaced people.

In January 2017, SOAS announced a five-year scheme to give displaced people, who cannot access student finance, a chance to enter higher education. SOAS covered the cost of tuition fees – for six undergraduates and one postgraduate– to let displaced people begin their studies at SOAS.

Last year, SOAS alumni, staff, students and friends of the School came together to raise £240,000 to cover their living costs. Thanks to their generosity, SOAS was able to welcome Muhammad, Aishat, Kabeer, Mariam, Rooshan and Abrar to begin their studies and start new lives.

This year, the school wants to raise £200,000 to support seven more scholars next year. But they need your help to do it. 

Living costs in London are very high, and these are students who have fled some of the most desperate situations in the world, often have nothing or very little beyond subsistence.

No donation to small. Please visit their webpage to make a contribution, and to find out more.

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