IRF ‘Women into Enterprise & Employment’ Wraps Up Cohort 1

Today marked our final session for the 1st cohort of the Refugee Women into Enterprise and Employment project.

Over the past three months, we have seen our 9 enrollees improve their speaking abilities, their confidence, and attain a can-do attitude. Many of the women came into the project with a business idea, but lacked the understanding of how to make that idea a reality. Now, many of them have fully developed their business ideas – into business plans.

At the beginning of the project, they were asked to define what “success” meant to them. For each individual, success had a different definition. For some, it was to get into work. For others, it was to take their idea to start a business seriously, and start down the path towards making it a reality. And still for others, success meant improving their confidence, public speaking abilities, and interview skills.















Today the participants were invited to give a presentation on their business plan, and how they would pitch it to a potential funder. Those who opted not to embark on a business idea, instead presented on their personal/professional plans and goals for the future, as well as key themes they will take away from this project.

We have seen these women grow, and learn, all the while supporting one another and teaching us, the facilitators, what it means to truly overcome barriers to employment. Their drive and commitment are second to none.

They have defined their success, and started on the path towards owning that success.

We wish this incredible and inspiring cohort of women all the very best!


*IRF will be recruiting for the next cohort this summer – to begin the training sessions in September 2019.*

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