Income-generation and sustainability workshop-Creating Winning Strategies

 Income-generation and sustainability workshop

You are invited to an interactive workshop on 22 January 2015 at the Resource for London, 356 Holloway road, London N7 6PA.

The event is a joint initiative between the Greater London Authority (GLA), the Refugee Council, Islington Refugee Forum and RedOchre; and aims to help Refugee and Migrant Community Organisations successfully manage the transition from grant-dependency to income-generation and sustainability.

During the day, through a series of interactive workshops, participants will be introduced to a set of very practical tools (for business planning, marketing and service evaluation) that can be easily adapted to changes in the organisation whether for a traditional way of fundraising or a new way of generating income including social enterprise. The tools are useful for team work as they were created to involve everyone from the Chair, Trustees and Directors, to staff and volunteers. We encourage a trustee/director from your organisation to attend to make the business planning viable and relevant to your organisation as a whole.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to develop a business model that explains:

  • What problem/s the organisation is tackling
  • What solution/s the organisation proposes
  • What makes the solution unique (value proposition)
  • What are the different important components of the organisation and how they interact
  • Who the organisation needs to interact with
  • How does the organisation market its service/s
  • What does the organisation need to measure and report and
  • What the financial considerations are

Lunch will be provided and travel expenses will be reimbursed for participants from Migrant and Refugee Community Organisations (copy of your receipt required).

To register please contact:

-Ezechias Ngendahayo – Refugee Council- by email at:, or telephone 020 7346 1163.

-Janan Aljabiri – Islington Refugee Forum- by email at:, telephone: 020 7832 5847.

Check out the programme of the day and  booking form. Please enter all the required details as requested by the funders.


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