Forum Members

The Forum aims to be as inclusive as possible. It welcomes representatives from Islington-based refugee community organisations; refugee agencies; mainstream organisations providing services for refugee; and individual specialists working with refugees.

What will you gain from being a member?

IRF recognises that refugee community groups are often under-resourced and that networks must offer tangible benefits to members. To this end the Forum currently provides:

  • Informative meeting events with specialist speakers
  • Up-to-date information about appropriate funding resources
  • Time and place for groups and specialists to share knowledge and improve understanding of issues concerning and affecting refugee communities.
  • A united voice for lobbying and campaign work to influence local and national policies affecting refugees.
  • A contact point for voluntary, community and statutory sector groups.
  • Information about training and capacity-building facilities available to refugee community groups.

How is the Forum managed?

IRF is managed by an elected Management Committee made up of representatives of its members. At least two-thirds of the Management Committees are made up of representative from refugee community organisations.

When do Forum meetings take place?

IRF meetings are currently held every two months. The meetings usually last two hours, and include special speakers reflecting on current needs and concerns facing refugee communities. There is also time for information sharing (including latest funding news).

For date and time please check out our Announcement Page or contact us

Is the Forum a statutory organisation?

No. The Forum aims to develop good communication between the voluntary and statutory sector, but it is an independent organisation and statutory representatives do not have voting rights.

How can I get involved?

To join the Forum please click on the Become A Member button below to fill in a very quick application form, you can also contact us or come to a Forum meeting to find out more.

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