About Us

Islington Refugee and Migrant Forum (IRMF) is a refugee-led, independent organisation. IRMF was created to act as a common voice for refugees, to improve their quality of life and support their integration into the community. Community organisations play a crucial role in facilitating this integration and the understanding of Islington’s services. IRMF aims to ensure that the borough will be a fairer place for refugees and migrants who live, work and are in education in Islington.


The Islington Refugee and Migrant Forum aims to improve good quality of and well-being of Islington’s refugee and migrant communities.

This vision is based on our shared belief that a cohesive and inclusive group of RCO’s working together in partnership with other voluntary sector organisations and services will drive real change in the lives of refugees by sharing resources, improving access and building capacity.


Our mission is to work with refugees, migrants and refugee community organisations to ensure integration by promoting dialogue, strong partnership, advocacy and empowerment.

Strategic Objectives

  • The Islington Refugee and Migrant Forum aims to improve the quality of life and well-being of Islington’s refugees, migrants and asylum seekers by bringing together refugee community organisations across the borough.
  • IRMF will strengthen refugee community organisations to reach out to Islington’s most disadvantaged refugees and newly-arrived communities, and support them to gain equal access to opportunities and make effective use of council and other statutory services.
  • IRMF will provide a common platform for Islington’s refugees, asylum seekers and migrant organisations in forming an effective voice celebrating diversity, and creating a more cohesive local community.
  • IRMF will bring together refugee community organisations, thereby promoting interaction and dialogue across the diverse community groups that make up Islington’s population.
  • IRMF will strengthen the capacity of community organisations so that they can empower themselves and hence their own communities.

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